Sunday, April 6, 2008

LA Food Court

After a long morning of shopping, a couple of hungry-eyed girlies were hungry for something else-- namely, lunch.  We stopped in at the swanky and mod Food Court LA. Despite being knee-deep in setup for a private event taking place that evening, as well as being closed for lunch service, we were seated by its most gracious and amiable, if not charmingly disorganized, proprietor, Richard Jhin.  We shared a delicious lunch of contemporary, Asian-inspired California cuisine, punctuated by the best worst service either of us had ever experienced.  Between overseeing setup for a tasting party thrown by the sultanas of saline supremacy, collectively known as Saltistry, and messing up and then over-correcting our order countless times, Jhin still managed to hold down the fort, whip up some kind of Bacardi milkshake to sip on, and keep us in stitches until the bill came (on which we were, for the record, overcharged by about 30 dollars, but that was just another excuse for more hilarious interaction with Jhin).


p.s. Check out the amazing gourmet salts from the ladies of Saltistry-- from Smoked Chili to Genmaicha-- mmm....


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