Thursday, April 10, 2008

Doing our part to fortify the economy

In celebration of her newly acquired tax refund, Whitney decided to take us girlies out to Amelie, a wine bar in my hood we'd been meaning to patronize for ages.

I've walked by it millions of times and what always caught my eye were the vintage movie theater seats lining the walls in the front of the place.  It had a very warm and cheerful ambience, and was quite crowded for early on a Thursday evening-- next time I'd definitely like to go a bit earlier still and grab, I dunno, a seat, and maybe some munchables; there was a cheese platter I was eyeing that looked mighty scrumptious.
Worth noting was the wire mobile hanging from the ceiling over the bar, which displayed well-wishes and what I took to be inspirational quotes from patrons handwritten on pieces of paper.  Also not to be missed (and I almost did) was a passage from Victor Hugo's "The Legend of the Centuries" printed on the ceiling over the dining room.  The passage, printed in the original French, alludes to alcohol as a universal emotional soother (and by soother, Hugo surely meant cure-all).  Please enjoy my Star Wars-like photo, above.


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