Sunday, March 29, 2009

We're Back! And hungry for more great finds..

After a too-long "brief" hiatus, the ladies of the Light are back in the blogosphere, with an amped-up appetite for the undiscovered good things that are all around us!

Jumping right in...

This new find got me really excited: For the epicurean with a taste for the ephemeral, there is the brand-new Kitchenette SF.  From 11:30 to 1:30 Monday through Friday, stop by the pop-up kitchen at 958 Illinois St in the Dogpatch to pick up your lunch.  It's cash only, and the menu changes every day (check their website the night before), featuring amazing and innovative lunches made from all organic and sustainably farmed ingredients from local farms.

The chefs are a group of friends with an impressive pedigree: veterans of Chez Panisse, Foreign Cinema, Betelnut, all coming together to create a project that really puts the "here today, gone tomorrow" ethos of seasonal eating in the spotlight.

Happy on-the-go munching...