Sunday, April 6, 2008

Fragrance Lab LA

One of the favorite surprises we stumbled upon on 3rd street was Le Labo fragrance lab -- a newly excavated nook of olfactory splendor.  The interior is airy and spacious, especially with respect to its modest dimensions, and the decor evokes a sort of French/Industrial apothecary with a leaning toward botanical minimalism.  The shop features ten signature perfume blends and offers visitors the opportunity to custom-blend their own fragrances from all-natural essences.  I would have happily hung out all afternoon pretending to pore over the infinite nuances of vetiver and iris just to spend a couple hours among the storied-seeming antiquated steel fixtures and reclaimed wood flooring.. can't wait to visit again when we've got more time to stop and smell the Fleur d'Oranger.


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