Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Procrastination is the name of the game

Am struggling with the worst sort of ADD so instead of actually buckling down and working on my commercial design project, I thought I'd share a few images I've found inspiring thus far. 

The final project for the class is to design a retail space via perspective drawings, material boards and CAD drawings. I was originally going to design a vintage/furniture store similar to Swallowtail on Polk St. (see below) with lots of architectural elements...

...however, as I became more involved with the project I realized that my favorite part of that space was an area housing design books that I had dubbed the Library....so I decided to scratch my original idea and am now designing a vintage bookstore.

A (very illegaly shot) picture of Will Wick's library at this year's Designer Showcase.

OK, this picture is not so much inspiration for any of the architecture or interior design of my project, but it's exactly how I'd like to look if I owned such a bookstore. hehehe.

My apologies if the image above is a bit blurry - I just took a shot of my inspiration board at home.

The last 4 pictures were orignally posted by the lovely Automatism --one of my new favorite blogs.


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