Friday, June 18, 2010

Slow Down... it's all in the details

Tonight was one of those unexpectedly lovely nights.

My plans for the evening had fallen through and so I (only somewhat) begrudgingly decided to stay home and watch a movie: Amelie. As luck and serendipity would have it, this turned out to be precisely what I needed after a exhausting and trying week. The film's protagonist is a shy dreamer who seeks refuge from her lonliness by savoring life's little details: discarded photo booth portraits, a colorful bustling marketplace boasting its wares, the perfect skipping stone. While I'm hardly the shy type, I can relate to the meek, sweet Amelie as I also revel in life's little pleasures and surprises.

I suppose I needed a reminder that when the big picture seems too overwhelming, there can be solace, refuge, and inspiration in the details.

By the way I am loving this Japanese poster for the film. How gorgeous are the characters streaming down the center of the page?


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Meghan Rand Photography said...

that poster is gorgeous. i love that movie; your reflections on it; and your new photographs. you are an inspiring artist!