Saturday, March 27, 2010

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution

I just finished watching the second episode of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution and I am hooked!

I had no idea what a food-consciousness bubble I have been living in. Growing up in Marin County and now living in San Francisco, understanding the importance of local, fresh, seasonal food seems like second nature to us.

The segment which hit closest to home was when Jamie asked kindergartners to identify vegetables such as tomatoes, potatoes and beets and was met with blank stares. Frightening.

This show could not be anymore relevant than right now. Congress has just passed a major piece of legislation meant to "improve" the health of every American-- but with the government's somewhat dubious track record as far as keeping OUR best interests in mind, I'm not sure they ought to be trusted to solve this nation's health crisis.

Grassroots action starts in your own kitchen. With each purchasing decision we have power. If you want to see fewer processed foods in your grocery store aisles, simply don't buy them.

Hopefully the rest of the country will soon see the Light, but until then we must carry the torch.


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