Thursday, January 7, 2010

Golden Oasis

Some amazing new architecture was recently brought to my attention (many thanks to Mikey, who was fortunate enough to ring in the new year in this psych-glam getaway). These are two incredible edifices, which could either be qualified as the most spartan luxury vacation homes on the planet, or the most glamorous campsites ever conceived.

Either way, they are truly a sight to behold. Acido Dorado, the transcendent golden palace pictured below, as well as Rosa Muerta, the onyx-toned modernist shanty, were both conceived and built by architect Robert Stone, in the vast desolate sandscape that is Joshua Tree, California. This locale has served as a inspiration ground for many, and spending some time in either of these structures would certainly provide the perfect backdrop for some introspection (acid trip optional).

The breezy, indoor-outdoor quality of Stone's structures invite the visitor to turn inward, while simultaneously opening up to the vastness of the world just outside the open glass walls. With Acido Dorado's simmering jacuzzi, metallic mirrored gilt ceilings, and outdoor firepit, this oasis melds the most natural elements of its desert surroundings with a strikingly spare, modernist yet fluid structure, which seems utterly at home nestled into landscape.


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